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Beds & Mattresses

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Get a new bed for a better night’s sleep

Sleep well and live better !

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Immingham Carpets
Flooring & Bed Specialists

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Beds & Mattress Showroom

A good night's sleep can really work wonders, that's why it is so important to ensure you sleep on a bed that is just right for you, your posture and the way you position yourself when resting. You're in safe hands with us!


Somewhere within our comprehensive range of divans and mattresses, we are certain that you will find the perfect bed, we're here to help you make the right decision and recommend that you try our range and talk to one of our experts before you buy. 

at Immingham Flooring, Carpets & Beds we have a large selection of Beds and Mattresses on display at our showroom at Pelham Road, Immingham.

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It is essential that you choose the correct mattress that is going to be right for you.


As each person's preferences and needs are different we work hard to listen to them so we can make sure your going to get the best night sleep you can.


Our showroom allows you to visit us to try and test them out so you can be sure before purchasing. We can also give you a good insight into what each individual mattress has inside from the springing unit to the extra fillings from natural wool to man made memory foam. Something to suit ever budget!

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Call Today for Your Free Quote!

To speak to our friendly team about any of our services or book a quotation, give us a call, we look forward to hearing from you!

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